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Jungle Dinosaur Blitz


Jungle Dinosaur Blitz will bring you in the world of dinosaur hunting.It will give you a real envoirement of dinosaur jungle where you are free to hunt a dinosaure like a real hunter,Jungle Dinosaur blitz provides you a realistic Jungle environment, To find and shoot Dinosaurs with the best sniper guns.Dinosaurs are cannibals animals.So when Player enter in jungle to hunt these cannibals animals, And fire on these dinsaure, In the reaction Dinosaur will rush toward you, To take revenge with full anger .Hunter has aim to defend himself wisely and shoot Dinosaurs.Each level has diffrent numbers of Dinosaurs and also has diffrent time limits.So The challenge has to be complete each level within limited given time.Jungle Dinosaur Blitz contains multiple levels with increasing difficulty in each level.if Player shoot required numbers of Dinosaur in given time in current level Then player will land on next level with enhanced complexity.How to play:
* Hunt all DINOSAURS in given time to survive for the next level* Take clear shoot of target with Sniper gun* Use the zoom button to shoot DINOSAURS from long range* Use Shoot button for hit the DINOSAURS* Be aware, for the time* Check help screen before playing
Features:* Realistic hunting experience and feelings* Easy and smooth controls* Efficient gun controls* COOL HD graphics with high quality* Unlimited bullets* Real Sounds Effect* Very fine work for hunting action* Dangerous and Dense jurassic jungle environment